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What does Crew for a Cause do?

We focus our efforts on two areas:

  1. Fundraising
    We raise funds for education through monthly memberships, once-off donations and fund-raising events. You can join the crew for as little as R50 a month. The amount of your contribution is up to you — you decide how much and how often (monthly or annually). You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. 92% of your contributions go towards our scholarships and school support. If you’d like to run a fundraiser on our behalf, email to find out how.


  2. Building a community
    It’s only through working together that we have a chance of addressing the huge challenge within our education system. Cross-sector partnerships are key between key role players, but a more engaged and informed civil society is vital too. That’s where we come in. Our goal is to build a community of like-minded, kind-hearted, goal-orientated South Africans. We want you to feel a part of this community, be a part of the movement we’re striving to create and help us change the education system one learner and school at a time. As we develop our efforts, we’ll share more ways passionate South Africans can engage with their local schools and help out where needed.

Where does that 8% go?
92% of the funds we raise go towards the schools and scholars we support. The other 8% goes towards our daily running costs and helping us to continue to offer our platform and services. What does an average day look like? We meet with our scholars, our partners and education experts. We explore solutions that would have the biggest chance of improving our schools. We’re working on ways to help the average South African give back to education. We spread our message through talks, interviews and articles. We interview leading minds to understand the exact nature of the challenge we face. We focus on marketing to build our membership in order to raise further funds for education. We share the latest news with our members. Think of that 8% as an investment in the operations of Crew for a Cause, one in which we strive to repay that investment multiple times over towards our education system.