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The Crew for a Cause Learners

We are honored to be supporting 22 promising learners at 8 schools in 2 provinces in 2023. 

Amrah - Grade 9

Amrah is a conscientious young scholar who has a visionary insight for her future. She understands that a quality education will open doors for her to one day become a lawyer. She enjoys playing Monopoly and Dominos with friends and family. 


Esther - Grade 9

Esther aspires to study further and work hard like her sister. She always shows gratitude for all the opportunities given to her. She is described by her school teachers as kind and positive in the face of challenges. She loves animals, music, dancing and painting.

Azhar - Grade 9

Azhar is a top academic achiever. He achieved above 80% aggregate throughout his Grade 7 year. His teachers describe him as being consistent and diligent. He’s precise in his study approach and takes pride in his achievements. Azhar had the opportunity in Grade 7 to improve his leadership skills during his role as a prefect. He enjoyed being a prefect and being able to help the younger learners and his teachers. He wants to further his studies in IT or business science. His definition of success is being happy and content with life. Azhar values quality education and, as a result, always puts in 100%.

Nikhil - Grade 9

Nikhil is a confident young boy that enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his father,  hiking, playing basketball and swimming. He has been described by his teachers at school as  having a unique sense of humour and always being able to bring a bright positive attitude to  any class and through any situation. Nikhil is caring and takes pride in caring for his pets. He  has a gold fish and two dogs. He has excelled in Mathematics over the years and looks forward  to continuing this exceptional journey. He is a hard worker and diligent in  his academics. His career aspirations are to be an IT Specialist as he has seen the importance  of good IT due to the pandemic. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to attend Bergvliet High  School, a dream come true for him and his family.

Jordan - Grade 9

Jordan arrived for her interview with the biggest and brightest smile. She shone from the first minute we met her. She is a top academic achiever, and her blazer was decorated with badges on both collars. She is confident and well spoken. Jordan went through some sad challenges when she lost her mom recently. Her dad and uncle now take care of her family. Even though she’s young, she’s mature in her outlook and approach to life. She remains positive through all challenges. Her principal describes her as being kind, humble and caring with spunk and the ability to brighten up the classroom with laughter and her presence. She is truly going to fit into Wynberg Girls High School with ease and grace. Jordan values family and spending time with them. She’s excited and nervous for the new adventures of high school.

Umanyano - Grade 9

Zingce can be described as having his head in the stars and that’s not far off as he has a big interest in astronomy and wants to become an astronomer. He achieves good results in mathematics and physics that will continue to grow and lead him to success in future studies.  He’s a quirky and fun young man to be around. He takes great pride in his appearance and is always dressed smartly as well as presents himself with confidence. He’s a natural leader and role model. In 2021, he was a prefect and monitor at his primary school. His teachers described him in this role as being humble and leading his peers by example. He’s excited by the opportunity, through the scholarship, to continue achieving high marks and being a motivation to others to also work hard.

Phumelela - Grade 10

Phumelela is a quiet and humble young lady. She lives with her grandmother and younger sister in Khayelitsha. In 2022, her goals are to improve her marks, writing skills and communication skills. She has a positive and focused approach to the new year. She hopes to manage her time better and build better study habits. She did well in the year to achieve good results in mathematics. We’re proud of how she has adapted to Wynberg Girls High School and hope that she will continue to grow in 2022.

Byran - Grade 11

Byran Scharneck is a quiet, hardworking and diligent scholar. He tries his level best in all areas of school. During the pandemic, it was a challenge for scholars to adapt to high school due to the limited contact that the younger grades had at schools. This, however, did not stand in Byran’s way of making friends and getting connected at Bergvliet. He missed playing sport and looks forward to starting soccer again. He enjoys playing video games and designing. He would like to follow a career in design or graphics when he leaves school. His definition of success is to achieve a goal and having the ability and insight to set a new goal and achieve that one as well. One of his biggest challenges is to overcome his procrastination. He knows his challenge and has a good plan and fun ways to overcome them.

Atiyya - Grade 11

Atiyya started high school on a challenging note in 2020. She didn’t let the pandemic stand in her way of excelling academically at school though and has grown from strength to strength and is a top academic scholar and wants to work in the medical field.

Ntando - Grade 11

Ntando has been an asset to have as a scholar. He takes on every challenge with both hands and never backs away. He is a man of few words. He aspires to study medicine after school. He approaches this goal he has set for himself with confidence and a positive outlook. 

Kevin - Grade 12

Kevin is a top academic scholar, coming in the top 10 of his grade in 2021. He achieved remarkably well in history with an aggregate of 99%. Kevin is a well-spoken, confident role model and leader to all his peers and family. He enjoys playing chess and has recently been awarded half colors for chess at school. 

Keanu - Grade 12

Keanu is an energetic and full-of-life mature young man. He enjoys sport and being outdoors with his peers. He values family and relationships a lot. It was particularly tough when he lost his father in the past year. He highlighted the importance of support and care he got from the foundation and his mom. He always shows gratitude and kindness towards others. He’s a good role model for other scholars at Bergvliet to look up to. He enjoys exploring and taking up the opportunity to experience new and different things each day. He looks forward to the start of sport in the new year at school and to achieving the goals that he has set for himself academically.