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Crew for a Cause

Starting a fundraising campaign is easy!

Start a fundraiser of your choice for a special occasion, event or project. You can raise funds through a sports event you’re participating in, ask your friends and family to contribute in lieu of a wedding gift or throw a big fat party for a cause! 

Do it for the kids! 

Get started!

  1. Visit our profile on GivenGain.
  2. Click ‘Start Fundraising’.
  3. Select your fundraising project.
  4. Sign-up and create your fundraiser account.
  5. Set-up your activist project. (And be sure to tell everyone why you are raising funds!)
  6. Set your fundraising target.
  7. Set your deadline.
  8. Add pictures and other details to make your project POP!
  9. Share and promote your activist project URL with everyone you know!

Get inspired by these active citizens

Rudi Aucamp raised £525 (R12,000) by running the Bournemoth Half Marathon

In April 2023, Rudi ran the Bournemouth half marathon, the first of his life and managed to raise the equivalent of R12,000 for Crew for a Cause. Rudi received donations from 22 supporters! “I was pleasantly surprised by the support I got which was great,” Rudi says. “And what’s even better is the people truly believe in what we’re trying to achieve and 80% of the donors were British, not South African.”

Specklefest raised R40,000 through a music festival

The Specklefest Crew run an annual music event in Montagu and have run four mini festivals thus far. The weekend also serves as a great way to introduce more people to Crew for a Cause and many new members have joined following a Specklefest celebration.

The Bright Future Pod raised R265,000 at a gala dinner

A group of friends who went to school in Cape Town, but live in London, throw an annual gala dinner in London that raises money through ticket sales, games, raffles and auctions. They also support one learner at Wynberg Girls’ High.

Rebecca Blaymires raised R15,000 with a wingwalk

On the 1st of April 2023, Rebecca Blaymires took to the cloudy skies of Gloucestershire in the UK, and strapped herself to a wing of a plane. She endured speeds of up to 210 kph and participated in a variety of manoeuvres and stunts in aid of Crew for a Cause. The generosity of her network meant she raised R15,000.