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How we started

“We created Crew for a Cause in 2017 with the idea that small contributions from many of us could make a big difference in a gifted scholar’s education. We found 15 friends in our community who were able to contribute a small amount each month and began supporting one scholar. 

“Once we started, we saw massive traction in terms of the community that we were building. We realised more people were keen to get involved and we could build a larger collection of South Africans who were interested in supporting education. And more members meant we were able to support more scholars.

“In 2023, with our membership having grown to over 150, we’re supporting 22 scholars at eight different schools in South Africa. All are promising youngsters who have been identified for having academic potential and grit.

“People always light up when we talk about Crew for a Cause. Everyone realises how important it is to improve our education system. It’s become clear to us that many people want to contribute to education in South Africa, they just aren’t quite sure how to do it. We make it easy for them and ensure our members can see exactly where their money is going and who’s benefiting. It took us five years to get officially approved as an NPC and PBO, but once we did we had the foundation to go even further.

“Our scholarship program has allowed us to enter the education space with a fresh mindset – our members are entrepreneurs, journalists, chefs, artists, artisans, lawyers and accountants – yet we have ambitious plans to keep going and see if we can shake up the education landscape even further, to uplift the entire system. 

“If you’re a member, thank you so much for trusting in the process and the energy you have brought to this initiative. None of this would have been possible without you. If you’re thinking about joining, please do, every donation and membership helps. We take our responsibility incredibly seriously and strive to ensure our efforts are as impactful and sustainable as possible. Through partnerships and thinking long term we believe we can make a difference. Together we can change the education system. One learner at a time.”

- Matthew Koning, founder

Our Promise.

We promise to make the biggest impact possible and keep you informed on all the learners’ developments. 

Our Core Values.

Be Passionate

For education, for the scholars, for the community, for South Africa

Be Honest and Transparent

About how we operate, where the money goes, and why we make the decisions we make. Give people the best chance to understand why we do what we do.

Be Bold 

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

Be a Source of Joy

We want to uplift at every touchpoint and bring a dose of positivity and optimism to our members and beneficiaries. In a world that can sometimes be overwhelming, we want to be a constant source of joy.

Be Resilient

Trust in the process, the vision, the purpose. Embrace the honour of being able to help. Keep going. Never give up.

Build Communities

We want to bring future leaders and kind-hearted South Africans together, to create a space where we can grow together. We want to create a movement of people doing what they can to help education in SA.