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Elevating education together

Help us uplift the education system,
one learner at a time!

Crew for a Cause is an education fund that pools the monthly donations of our members to create bursaries for promising highschool learners in South Africa, who are selected for their academic promise and strong character.

What makes us special?

  1. Flexible contribution plans to suit any budget. Cancel at any time.
  2. 100% of your donations go towards the Crew for a Cause Education Fund.
  3. As a registered PBO, all your contributions are tax-deductible.
  4. You receive regular updates on the progress of the learners.
  5. Members can combine with each other to form mini Crews and support their own specific learners. 
  6. We follow stringent financial protocols, overseen by both internal and external auditors.

Join the Crew.
Or start your own.

By contributing to the Crew for a Cause Education Fund today, your small contribution will make a huge difference in many lives. Granting a single scholar the opportunity to access quality education can create a powerful ripple effect. It uplifts families, inspires communities and helps us take important steps towards creating a prosperous nation.

Alternatively, gather your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours or old school mates and form your own Crew today. We can find the right learners for you to sponsor and will manage the process on your behalf to make is as easy, rewarding and transparent as possible. 


The state of South Africa's schools

Our Mission

To make supporting education as easy, rewarding and transparent as possible. 



Our members effortlessly contribute to education with us, through monthly donations or once-off contributions. 



We share our learners’ journeys openly with our members so they understand where their money is going. 



We understand that it’s vital we’re completely honest with our members to ensure you trust us and are confident our actions align with our values. 

Our Partners

Our story

“We started Crew for a Cause in 2017 with the idea that small contributions from many of us could make a big difference in a gifted scholar’s education. We wanted to address the inequality in education and thought that was a good place to start. We started with 15 members but soon realised we could get more people involved and build a larger community supporting education through monthly donations.  

“It’s become clear to us that many people want to contribute to education in South Africa, they just aren’t quite sure how to do it. We make it easy for them and ensure our members can see exactly where their money is going and who’s benefiting. Through partnerships and thinking long term we believe we can make a difference. Together we can uplift the education system. One learner at a time.”

– Matthew Koning, founder

Our Vision

To give all high school learners in South Africa a quality education, so they have the best chance of passing matric and fulfilling their potential.



To create a community of like-minded South Africans who uplift education standards either through their donations, time or expertise.


Some of our proudest achievements


Member loyalty


In five years of operation, we have a 98% retention rate. 


Crew-Icons_graduate copy 3



We’re BEE compliant.

Crew-Icons_graduate copy 4

Successful bursary program

Collectively, we’ve raised over R1.5 million for our bursary program thus far.

Crew-Icons_graduate copy 5


Funding 24 high school scholars across 9 schools in 2023.

Crew-Icons_graduate copy

High achieving

Our scholars average around 80% academically.

Crew-Icons_graduate copy 6

Growing membership

We have 150+ monthly members.


The challenges facing our education system are too vast for the government to address on their own – the problems are too big, the system too big. And the problems are real. If we don’t improve education and create jobs, we’ll live in a state of perpetual inequality and poverty. For us to live in a more harmonious society, there’s no more pressing matter. All of us – civil society, private companies, NGOs and government – need to work together. Ultimately, we have no reason to hope unless we do something about it. Join our movement now

Our work supports four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal:


Quality Education.


Gender Equality.


Reduced Inequalities.


Funds raised.

Join the Crew now

Joining the crew

– You can join the crew for as little as R50 a month. 

– The amount of your contribution is up to you — you decide how much and how often (monthly, annually or once-off). 

– You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. 

– All donations are tax-deductible.

You receive:

– Updates on how the scholars are doing via newsletters and social media updates. 

– Updates on the other education-focused projects Crew for a Cause is working on. 

– Join a community passionate about improving education. 

– Invitations to great events throughout the year, such as auctions, music events, golf days, quizzes, padel competitions and nature walks. 

– Insights into the state of the changing education landscape. 

Build your own crew.

We’ve developed a ‘pod system’ whereby members can form their own satellite crew with friends and family and you can support your own specific scholar. This is open to companies and other private organisations too. If you’d like to find out more, please email 

 100% of your contributions go toward our scholarships and school support.